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The creation of such a database has taken, as one might imagine, a lot of work over the years, often enjoyable, sometimes fastidious.

Cinefan is a shareware. It costs 15 (Euros).

Anyone interested in my complete film database may :

- pay me through PayPal

- or contact me Email me

After receiving your payment, I will then send you the complete and latest version of my database (in compacted zip form) through download or E-mail (don't forget to give me the right address when you pass me the order).

You will also have to specify in which format you want the film database :

- .txt (for Macs, PCs and iPhone or iPad),
- all ready in FileMaker format (for Macs or PCs) with, as a free bonus, a special layout.
- .xls (for Macs or PCs with a spreadsheet app. like Excel),

Can't Hollywood do better now ?


Ambiance film noir

CINEFAN is the only internet movie database you can download to your PC and use offline

All the informations about films and filmography for the moviefan, that you can classify by :
director, producer, actors, scenario, cinematographer, musical score, etc.