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Adventures and decontraction in Tanazania : "Hatari"
Let's look at Bogey's filmography
Gloria in exelcis Deo !
Now to conclude this chapter, a touch of


Warning : this site is a private one.
Movie stills and posters presented here come from my personal collection, or from uncontrolled sources.
If some of them are used in an inappropriate manner, please tell me so that I can take the appropriate measures.


Ambiance film noir


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Point Sites dealing with the Cinema :


- Internet Movie Database : many films, true ! but you can't download the film database and play around on your PC like you can with... "CINEFAN"!!!
All Movie Guide
: about as many films as on the IMDB site, but you still can't download the movie catalog and play around with it on your PC like you can with... but I'm repeating myself !!!
- American Movie Classic
The Movie sound page
- The Movies on line
, interesting ressources for the amateur.

- CineArtistes interesting site, exclusively dedicated to movie actors across the world.
Free Classic Movies : one can watch or download there many Hollywood movies free of rights

Point Some interesting personal sites (in French only, or in French and English) :


- LeWestern.jpg
my second site (in English and French) related to the Cinema. Westerns presents a subset of my Cinefan film database, exclusively dedicated to the genre I love the most, with some rare and beautiful movie stills and posters, plus some evocating slideshows.
Over 1870 films presented. Very useful if you want to build up a DVD collection..


- FilmNoir the film noir, thriller, gangster & detective films database
my third site about the movies (in English and French), this one dedicated to the film noir, thriller, detective or gangster film genres, etc. FilmNoir is also a subset of my CINEFAN classic movie database, and presents some evocating slideshows, movie stills and posters.


- Fantastic club
- Il était une fois le Cinéma

- Notre cinéma : interesting and rich participating site
- Passion-Cinema

- CineClassic all about the Hollywood classics.


CINEFAN, the offline Classic Movie database for the moviegoer : documentation

Point Encyclopedia on computer :

- Hallywell Film Guide on CD-ROM : the only one that I know, and used occasionally in its paper form (now out of print).
- All Movie Guide, on CD-ROM, from Corel.
- Cinemania
, on CD-ROM from Microsoft.
- Le Cinéma Français de 29 à nos jours ("The French Cinema from 1929 till now") : on CD-ROM, by Canal+/ Havas.


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